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Academic Year £210.00
Autumn Term £90.00
Spring Term £90.00
Summer Term £45.00

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From £45.00

SULETS 900 Shuttle service to University of Leicester

This ticket is for Sulets residents to use on the University of Leicester shuttle service. It cannot be used on any other service. The pass is not transferable between passengers, and can only be used by the person named on the pass.


  • Autumn Term: £90.00 (from 25th September to 15th December 2017)
  • Spring Term: £90.00 (from 8th January to 28th March 2018)
  • Summer Term: £45.00 (from 30th April to 8th June 2018)
  • Academic Year: £210.00  (from 25th September to 8th June 2018)

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