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Boarding at East Bridgford £890.96 £801.86
Boarding at Newton £890.96 £801.86
Boarding at Radcliffe on Trent £890.96 £801.86
Boarding at Aslockton £766.64 £689.98
Boarding at Bingham £766.64 £689.98
Boarding at Whatton £766.64 £689.98
Boarding at Bottesford £642.32 £578.09
Boarding at Elton £642.32 £578.09
Boarding at Muston £642.32 £578.09
Boarding at Orston £642.32 £578.09

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From £578.09

Route X6 to Grantham (Academic Year under 18)

The Centrebus 6 service connects Bottesford with Grantham.

During school terms, route X6 operates, connecting Newton, East Bridgford, Bingham, Bottesford and Grantham (Bus 1) or Radcliffe, Aslockton, Orston and Grantham (Bus 2). Both X6 buses operate through to Kings School and KGGS School in Grantham.

An additional bus on route 6 commences at Bottesford, passengers travelling through to schools should change to X6 at Grantham Bus Station. These are very popular services. To reduce delays, please purchase a season ticket in advance. Passengers from Bottesford should use route 6 and change in Grantham, as there may not be capacity on route X6 coming through.

This ticket is at the reduced rate available for passengers under 18 who have a Centrebus Young Persons ID card. You must enter the serial number of your ID card in the box provided to validate your order - if a valid card is not held we will be unable to process your order.

Tickets are available for an academic year, or by term at a lesser discount. This ticket is for the full year

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